Denim Styles

Denim has come a long way from its workman avatar to the fashionable essential that we know it to be today. It has become a symbol of all things hip, young and authentic, with everyone giving their own unique spin to the classic fabric. Any culture-vulture would agree that there is no other apparel that can single-handedly conjure up visions of the most defining moments in pop culture better than denim be it the denim overalls that Shahrukh Khan wore in 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', or the movie 'Jeans' that literally gave us Aishwarya Rai. Let's show you a few ways to rock Denim, other than the tee and sneaker look you have been acing for years.



Doing Effortless Right

Ladies, you can pair a well-fitted pair with a crisp well[1]fitted shirt and pumps to walk into any boardroom with confidence. A concept that works for both, men and women, the white shirt and denim combination is a look that instantly gives you an air of effortlessness. Style roomier fits with eclectic pieces from the ethnic side of your wardrobe. A crop top with an overlay cinched at the waist with a belt can make one head-turning outfit. Pair them



Fit and Flare always work together and that’s why your skinny denim would elevate your kaftan kurtas to another stratosphere. Pair dainty strappy heels to complete your look.



The Versatile Staple


Denim Jackets are that one piece of garment that is a true time traveller! It probably had a prominent place in your grandma's closet, your parents' and now serves as an essential in yours. Perfect to pair with dresses of all hemlines and pants alike, they look particularly stylish if bought in a streetwear-inspired boxy fit. Layered with a snug crop top, it looks absolutely amazing!

If you need to stand out for your best friend's sangeet, pair it with a heavy, long skirt, layered with a white shirt and your favourite sunglasses, and you will be the talk of the party!


No man's closet too can be complete without one. A tongue in cheek graphic tee with a denim jacket is easy to put together and pull off.

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim might have seemed risque a few years ago, but fashion gurus have taught us how to ace the trend with aplomb! Pair similar washes together, and you will never go wrong!


So whether your style is uber casual, uber chic or something in between, Denim is the way to go!

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